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A beginner blogging about things I love


Autumn Colours

Autumn’s glory, Kingston, Ontario

We said goodbye to summer last week, and I am officially in mourning.  I will try to wear my sandals as long as possible to deny the new season.  Still, I do love autumn when Toronto and Ontario become ablaze with colour. We are so fortunate to live in this area; because, it apparently ranks as one of the ten best places in the world see the largest spectrum of autumn colours.  That’s thanks to the diversity of trees here.  Maples, basswood, oaks, ash, walnut, willows, etc.

I really learned how lucky we Central and Eastern Canadians are in autumn when I drove across the country on my move to Vancouver from Toronto many years ago.  In the Rocky Mountains, we were greeted with swaths of gold against clear blue skies.  Aspens.  Aspens everywhere.  It was beautiful; it was dramatic; it was not what I was used to. I don’t find the single colour autumn landscape as breathtaking as the mix of reds, golds, ambers, burnt oranges, and browns.  On the Pacific coast, there was some colour, but the trees are mostly conifers.  So dark green against overcast skies. A very moody kind of beauty.

As much as I hate to see summer go, our autumn colours make for spectacular viewing.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.  (OK, who am I kidding? A white sandy beach against a turquoise sea year-round is another story.)

Speaking of colour:  check out a favourite site  http://www.cobistyle.com/  I love Cobi’s writing, style and the colours she uses.

Should I still be wearing my sandals now that it’s autumn?


Moon Gazing

Moon cakes for Mid-autumn festival

I cannot think of a better excuse for a holiday than that of a full, bright Autumn moon. This is what the Chinese have been celebrating for centuries. Simple. Families reunite and gaze at the moon, giving thanks for a plentiful harvest and looking to the god of the moon for good luck over the next year. It’s an excuse to eat special foods – but especially moon cakes. These are exquisite little pastries baked in pretty moulds and traditionally filled with red bean paste or lotus seed paste plus a whole egg yolk. You serve these cut into quarters so you can see the round shape of the yolk which represents the moon. It’s a day for parading with beautiful chinese lanterns under the full moon. Of course, there are a couple of famous legends attached to this holiday: the tale of the moon fairy and the tale of finding one’s mate on this day. Both have many different takes on the same idea. Apparently, Mid-Autumn Festival is the number one day for weddings in China.

OK – I confess, I’m not a moon cake fan. But I do love to look at the moon, count my blessings and wish for luck and prosperity for my friends and family.  Mid-autumn festival occurred on September 22, 2010.

Simone Tai’s Blog

A little more patience and time was all that was needed to find the way to correct my blog name!  Done. Boring. But good enough for now!

Hello world!

Well, at last.  I have a blog.  I had my first class at Inbound Marketing University today.  The lesson’s topic was blogging.  So I decided to put my learning into action.  The only problem is:  while typing my blog title, I hit the wrong key and so my title is now “Simone ai’s Blog” instead of Simone Tai’s Blog.  I have looked around the site to find a way to correct it but have not had any luck.  Then again, “ai” is Hakka Chinese for “love.”  And I’m Hakka so maybe it’s not such a bad title.  I will probably write about things I love, anyway.  So till I find a way to change the title…so be it.  “Simone ai’s Blog”  (OK – grammar purists, let it ride….)